The Region St. Anton am Arlberg is one of the snowiest winter sport regions in the Alps and offers a gigantic mountain area with all the amenities of an international holiday region, which is characterised by warm hospitality and Tirolean traditions as well as being an international and cosmopolitan hotspot.

Whoever travels in Winter to the region enters a snow and sports haven. The great reputation of this area is not only from when it hosted the 2001 Alpine World Ski Championships but also for being a mecca for winter sport lovers.

Higher standards, a superlative winter sports area, incredible guest service, a gondola with a world first ferris wheel mechanism, special ladies weeks, the finest of gourmet cuisine, a new multi purpose sports centre and many local events make this the place for an unforgettable winter holiday.


The Region in Summer…

Find time for the big and small natural wonders of the mountain area. Prepare yourself to try something new. Explore the high areas, the forest and waterfalls with a mountain bike or, on foot follow the rivulets that flow from the mountains Discover the mountain huts which offer delicious snacks and sweeping views of the Lechtal and Verwall Alps.

Holidaying in St. Anton am Arlberg means you can breathe freely and use all of your senses to enjoy and relax.



Airport Transfers:

For transfers from the airport to our hotel we recommend different taxi companies. They cover transfers from Innsbruck, Zurich, Memmingen, St Gallen-Altenrhein, Friedrichshafen, München, Basel-Freiburg, Salzburg, Milano and Genf.

Train station to Hotel Nassereinerhof:

At the main train station in St. Anton am Arlberg there are taxis available for you. They are all large vans that can accomodate 8 people with luggage and ski’s. It takes approximately 5 minutes by taxi to our hotel. If you know your arrival time and would like to book a taxi to meet you the numbers below could be usefull.

Taxi Isepponi: 05446 2275

Taxi Reinhard: 0664 2302618

Train to St Anton am Arlberg:

öBB: Austrian Rail Service

DB Bahn: German Rail

SBB: Swiss Rail

FS: Italian Rail