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St. Anton am Arlberg is a haven for hiking enthusiasts. The 300 kms of beautifully scenic trails has been awarded the seal of approval by Tirol hiking.

A simple signage system informs you of the difficulty of the route, the distance and approximate time it takes to hike. The many tour options and the enormous vastness of the road network make it possible to enjoy the solitude and tranquility of the mountains to the fullest …..  to the specials

Hiking Suggestions und Interactive Map

There are many huts in Arlberg where you an stay overnight so you can enjoy multi day hikes and experience the vast terrain.

We have a few good hiking tips and ideas for you:

…on the trail of the eagle “Der Adlerweg” in St. Anton am Arlberg, is a trail that leads onto other existing trails all throughout Tirol.

It says ” Hiking with all senses ” – an amazing experience of nature and adventure , pleasure and culture . The following stage of the Eagle Walk leads to St. Anton Adlerweg (pdf)

Another famous pilgrim hike that trails through Arlberg is the Jakobsweg.

We hope you enjoy these tips and have a wonderful experience whilst staying at the Nassereinerhof.


kayak-984569_640Adventure & Adrenalin

Manchmal auch Nerven wie die Drahtseile, an denen sie hängen, Mut, Ausdauer, Kraft und Können – all das benötigen die Bergfexe rund um St. Anton am Arlberg. Die Ferienregion ist umgeben von Almen und saftigen Wiesen, aber auch eingebettet in eine schroffe Bergwelt, die Abenteuerlustige aus der ganzen Welt jedes Jahr zwischen Juni und Oktober in den Tiroler Ort lockt und die hier ihre Herausforderungen suchen und finden

For adventure and adrenalin you can try the high rope course  or walk across the hanging bridge to find your courage, strength and nerves!  The holiday region is surrounded by lush meadows where the adventurers from all over the world come to enjoy the summer months…… to the specials



High ropes course Verwall
The Verwall will be “amazing” in the future. Behind this is a concept that will show the Verwall, on the one hand, from its fabulously sporty side and, on the other hand, from the legendary, mystical side. The high ropes course will be renovated this year and brought to the latest technical standards.

Suspensionbridge Verwallsee
In front of the dam a link is established between the right and left side of the Rosanna river, a project by the community of St. Anton am Arlberg, electricity and business enterprises and the tourism association. The suspension bridge is complemented by an observation deck that provides a direct view of the dam wall.

  • The following Adrenalin filled sports are near by:

    The climbing routes around St. Anton am Arlberg are internationally renowned. Come and have and adventure holday when you stay at Hotel Nassereinerhof!

Radtouren St AntonMountainbiking

Mountainbiking, sports and relaxation can be perfectly combined in a higher altitude. You can find exactly what you are looking for here. You only have to take the first step… and then the next … and then the next…. Interactive Mountainbike-Card

here you can find exactly what you are looking for….. to the specials


Mountain bikes in general and e-mountain bikes in particular are currently very much in vogue. That is why we have increased and modernized our contingent of bicycles for the guided e-bike tours and added additional tours to our offer.

In addition, starting this year (completion expected in late June), there will be a pump track in the Verwall next to the helicopter hangar. The pump track will be freely accessible and supervised daily. In addition, there will be a charge for renting dirt bikes and electric motocross bikes.

There is also work being done on a (natural) bike trail on the current trail from Galzig (on the eastern slope – Habri – Moos – St. Anton).

In addition, the offer for bikers will be extended by an official connection from the Rendlbahn mountain station to the Rendlalm.

Familien Aktivitaeten

 Family Activities

Enjoy a fun filled holiday with the whole family in St. Anton am Arlberg. There are plenty of Family activities to enjoy.  Our wonderful new swimming pool with sweeping views of the mountains, lie on our sun deck and enjoy the fresh air and sun while the children play in the playground.  ….. to the specials